Jeep FusionJeeps tend to sit higher up off the ground than your average vehicle, especially after lift kits and big tires get thrown on them. By now you are getting tired of jumping up into the Jeep, ripping pants, or having to keep lifting the kids up into the Jeep. Solve your problems with the all new Fusion Step from Owens Products. Constructed here in the USA we pride ourselves on the quality that you will receive when ordering one of our products. The Fusion Steps are constructed from .200 aluminum extrusion that utilizes a one piece set up to ensure a strong step. How Strong? All of our weight ratings come in at 550lbs for our Fusion applications. You can get your Fusion Step in textured sliver powder-coat or black textured powder-coat. The Owens Sure Grip Step Pads are strategically place on the steps to make sure you make contact with the pads when getting in and out of your Jeep. Modern styling, light weight performance, and pricing that you cannot argue with all included with the Jeep Fusion Step. Contact your local 4 x 4 shop or call us  (800) 726-9367 direct at here at Owens Jeep Products for questions and availability.