Jeep Research

  • Research, Design & Craft, Test



    new1researchOwens Jeep Products reaches out to the Jeep community by joining in on trail rides, off-road park runs, and plenty of shows to get a better understanding on what the Jeep users need for their equipment. Seeing and listening to occurring problems enables us to research and develop new solutions.


    Design & Craft

    new1designOnce we take into consideration what we see with current Jeep users, we take the ideas and put our engineers to work making sure the best design can be made for the application. Once we design the product, we hand it over to our Owens Craftsmen that bring the ideas to life.



    new1testAfter all is said and done with Researching, designing, and crafting, we need to take what we make and test it to make sure it is a product we can fully support. Being based in Michigan we are open to many off-road parks and trails to put our products through unforgiving tests. We want to make sure that your investment in Owens Jeep Products is well worth what you work for.



    new1enjoyWhen everything is done, it’s up to you to decide and use what we have to offer! Every day the products hit the trails is another day of testing Owens Capabilities.


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